If you type into an internet search the question, “How long does it take for tax exempt status of a 501c3?” The answer comes back, “Typically, IRS 501(c)(3) approval takes between 2 and 12 months, inclusive of likely written follow-up questions. Sometimes it takes a little less; sometimes a little more.”
That is a very ambiguous answer. But we know dealing with government requirements can be time consuming. At FECORE we all donate our time and money toward producing scientific research to benefit everyone. All of the executive board members have full time work supporting themselves and their families. No one has been paid a penny for the work they do. And our sacrifice has returned good results. We have been successful in adding to the understanding of the earth. From early November of 2017 until March 1 we devoted all our efforts to the website and one project, the Lake Balaton Laser test. We had about 14 people working toward those two things. Now in this month of October 2018 we are working on 7 projects and we have 37 people involved in everything from, idea formulation, operational path, and execution. All along the way we have critical analysis of each element and people devoted to obtain solid data.
No one is working full time as a business manager or an accountant to manage the incorporation process. Frankly that is not our passion. Making money has nothing to do with why we established FECORE.
But we are completing step by step the process of establishing our tax exempt status. And we have complied with every requirement along the way.
The final piece of the puzzle is to submit form 990 to the IRS who will then check it thoroughly before they give us their answer. How long they spend on it is up to them. As of this writing it is a little less than 11 months since we announced FECORE.
We are confident that it will be approved sooner or later because we are devoted to making FECORE a place where finding the truth comes first. There isn’t much money in searching for truth but there are great rewards worth more than money. That is our passion.