FECORE. Our game is revealing reality and the game is on. Field Engineers Core has invited you to come out of the stands as a spectator and come on to the field.

FECORE was founded in Nov 2017. Its purpose has never changed. Our mission is perform unbiased research into facts important for humans to know. It is a way to gather more resources and focus them on finding accurate information.

Resources means more than just money. Money can buy materials and pay for labor. Donated time and labor is more useful than money. But unless the desire of those to give is organized very little is accomplished. That is where OpenProject comes in.

OpenProject is a free web based tool for organizing group efforts. This is what the web page for FECORE OpenProject looks like:

On the left are a list of the various aspects of work that FECORE needs to function effectively. They are called projects but it is not the same as a specific research project we announce and list at fecore.org.
In the upper right hand corner is a symbol RS that is my initials for my registration on OpenProject. By clicking that I have the option to go to “my page”. There only those projects which I have assignments in are listed.
When you sign up for OpenProject you are not committed to do anything. If you want to help you can accept as much or as little as you like. This is simply a way to keep track of what needs doing, what our objective in a project is, who is assigned what and what has been done so far.

This is an opportunity for any person who wants to contribute their time and effort to the work of FECORE. It is the difference between watching the game as a spectator and being on the field making things happen.

Help us find the truth. Register on OpenProject by clicking here.

(photo by Dominik Kuhn from unsplash.com)