As a small and all-volunteer organization, FECORE has been devoting most of its time to the Balaton Lake and subsequent laser tests. The patience of our members is greatly appreciated.

At the same time, FECORE’s members are an untapped resource. Each of you joined FECORE because of our common goal – scientific research with discovering the truth as the only agenda. We realize you may have a suggestion on how a test can be better performed or an idea for a new project, and we needed a repository where we all can share and discuss ideas.

To facilitate this, we have added a chat room and a forum on

The Chat and Forum links will be on the top navigation bar once you login.

Initially, the chat room has been set up in a basic format, but we plan to upgrade its functionality in the coming weeks. The forum has a few sample threads started for convenience.

We have been using Facebook Messenger as our forum, but the limitations of a pure linear, one thread chat does not fill the needs for all who wish to communicate.

The Forum on will have multiple threads organized by topic that all members can see and join. It is a work in progress, so we invite you to join the conversation and begin contributing so we can all learn what changes should be made to the Forum to serve our needs.