During the last four months FECORE has tried to find a tall building near the east coast of the UK and a tall structre in the northwest of The Netherlands to establish a microwave link across the north sea. But try as we might all operators or managers of the buildings and structures high enough refused to grant permission.
FECORE decided to find a place on the European continent over land. The requirements are a hieght sufficient to have no interference due to the Fresnel zone effect of microwave transmissions.

Within the last 3 weeks we found a location which we have confirmed we will be allowed to set up our microwave transceivers. The two locations have good mounting locations high enough that the long distance signal will not be derrogated by being too close to the ground and at a far enough distance to test the earth’s convex nature. The set up and test is set for the first two weeks in August and it has already begun. On August 2 Sandor Szekely was high on a remote tower and installed one of the two mircrowave tranceivers FECORE has for the project.

On August 2 Sandor was up on a remote tower and installed one of the two microwave tranceivers FECORE has for the project. The work was not without risk but the antenna is secure.

If all goes well by this time next month FECORE will have completed data gathering on our third convexity test project.