Our goal is to establish a microwave link between two points in the range of 150 km. We have focused our efforts on finding one location on the southeast coast of the UK and the other location in the Netherlands. If a permanent high quality link can be established at this distance it would result in a substantial savings to the user by reducing the number of antennas to span a given distance.
After researching the practical considerations of microwave transmission we decided a 5 ghz signal would be best for our link. We have purchased two sets of transmit and receive antennas. One set is in the Netherlands and the other is in the UK.

The UK site is set and we are still looking for a suitable site in the Netherlands. FECORE member Didi Vanh has compiled a list of possible sites. It now requires someone to in the Netherlands to have the time to begin contacting each location till we find which locations are willing to have us set the transmitter for the test. Site selection is estimated to be complete by the end of April.