In September 2019 FECORE received a letter from the US. Internal Revenue Service stating that FECORE Inc has been determined to be a tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) and further classified as a public charity. The effective date of this exemption is December 7, 2017.

This was great news and it created quite a bit of work for us to update and file again the updated forms as well as publish our bylaws which we have now done.

It has been a long process just slightly under 2 years in the making. We are glad to receive this notification and to reach that milestone.

Something significant happened in an online meeting of the board members and those deeply involved in our projects just a few days prior to receiving the letter from the IRS. We began discussing what we would do if the IRS did not grant us 501c3 status. We also discussed what we would do if being a 501c3 organization ever became a determent to our goal of finding and publishing the facts about the true nature of our Earth. Everyone in the meeting agreed that we would still pursue our goal, with or without any tax exempt status. We even mentioned how when we decided to form FECORE becoming a 501c3 was just an option, that we would form it and pursue the goal no matter what.

That commitment still stands.

All donations made to FECORE Inc can be submitted as a tax deduction. This has been the status of FECORE since November 7, 2017. With this determination by the IRS that tax exempt status will continue indefinitely. FECORE Inc can issue a receipt for any donations made.
To obtain a receipt simply send an email with your name, date of the transaction and the amount to The receipt will be based upon our records so if you don’t know the amount just give us your name and the date. We will email you back a PDF file of the receipt.

Money paid for subscription memberships or money which purchased live stream access is not a charitable donation for tax purposes.