On May 18th and 19th FECORE volunteers met at 96th Ave and Tower Rd. in Commerce, Colorado. They made a first of its kind 4 rod high precision differential leveling measurement. The method was designed to take advantage of the high precision of the Trimble DiNi auto level which is capable of detecting height changes within 1.3 mm per kilometer that is about than 1/10,000th of a foot in 120 meters.

This project is an attempt to verify the constantly changing direction of gravity called the geopotential as required by the WGS84 model by direct measurement of a land surface using the surveying technique known as differential leveling.

The actual method was refined over 8 months of research. The May 2019 measurements were a validation of this method.
The result is a treasure of data which indicates that this method is capable of detecting minute changes in the geopotential from one location to another over relatively short distances. That means the WGS84 constructed data for a specific portion of the earth’s surface can be compared with actual measurements of that location.

As depicted in the diagram above the WGS84 construct theorizes a gradual and consistent change in the geopotential as distance increases.

At the time of this newsletter the results are being compiled and a full presentation is being created.

A full explanation of the method used will be made available to any schools teaching surveying techniques so the test can be replicated.