On May 18 and 19th the second and far more detailed observation in the Force The Level project will be performed. A team will assemble in Denver Colorado and exact differential leveling over a distance of 2 miles will be performed.

The procedure is set and the methods have been reviewed and settled upon. Some changes were made since the March newsletter.

The rods will no longer be held by tripods but by bipods. It was decided these will be more accurate. A pretest made using the bipods went well. In the picture below you can see that each bipod has a bubble level to verify the rod is plumb.

Chris Van Matre, a surveyor with 30 years of experience, will be operating a digital auto level (DAL). He will be making readings in both directions from 4 rods each placed 40 meters from the next. A person will be at each of the four rods who will be trained in how to ensure that the rods is over the designated location and plumb. There will also be one person assigned to take ambient air conditions at the locations of the readings using a portable weather station. There will be another person recording the measurement data into a spreadsheet program. Other people will be capturing each measurement on camera.

For explanation purposes we designate the four rods by A,B C, and D as in the graphic below.
The DAL will begin at position A1, Chris will make readings on each rod, then move to position C1 , make four readings then to position B1 and make four readings. Each move to a new position requires one or more rods to be turned then set plumb.

As depicted in the next image once the readings are taken at position B1 rod A will be moved to the next spike 40 meters past rod D. The rod shown in the figure above at B will then be designated A. The DAL will already be in the starting position to begin a new set of readings at the location which is now designated A2.

The measurements will proceed in that manner until the readings have been recorded over a 2 mile distance.

The observations will be live streamed for those having FECORE advanced memberships.

Thanks to all those who have researched and studied and contributed time and money to this project. Many many man hours have been donated.

I am sure the young physicist who first presented this idea will hear of the results and be glad that there are people willing to sacrifice of their time and resources to reveal reality.