We are in need of a person with experience in WordPress and PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor programming to handle the week-to-week work of our website fecore.org. We need this person to donate their time on a regular basis. This means 10 to 30 hours a week. There is no pay, but there are big benefits. The person who accepts this work will get to associate with some of the finest people you will ever know. We know some weeks you can do more than others.
But whoever you are, if you have the experience and are willing to give this time, we need you and you will be like family to us. If you are interested, then state it in the comments and we will contact you.
As a subscriber to an FECORE membership, you give a donation of money. We use that donation to fund the observation and research projects performed by FECORE. Without your financial contributions we couldn’t really move forward. We are also fortunate to have a few businesses that donate materials towards some projects. That allows your donations to go much further.
But without the donated time and abilities of a core of subscribers, nothing would get done. These people donate a few to many hours each week to accomplish the mission. This sacrifice of personal time is the foundation of FECORE, and it continues to be the life blood of our work.
Here is a little about how FECORE operates. The executive board handles the legal and business actions of FECORE. Their work as a board member is all voluntary. They can’t accept money for this work. When a specific service is required, President Mike Cavanaugh asks someone to work on a specific task.
When a person agrees to donate their time on a regular basis, say 10 hours a week, they become part of that core of subscribers. They assist in the work of research, web site maintenance, video production, writing or proof reading. We all help each other out as we can.
We have people in this group from the U.S., Europe, India, and the Philippines. We meet online once or twice a week. We chat on and off all day about projects we’re moving forward. In this core, we plan our projects and coordinate the field work. Each project has multiple people discussing it and two or more main participants in the actual field work.
There is a tremendous amount of work before the field stage happens. The planning stage requires many hours of construction and testing by members of this core group. If this phase of testing proves our methodology to be faulty, the project can’t move forward.
Every member of this core has other aspects of their life that requires their time. So, it is a sacrifice. Like we say, “There is no pay but there are big benefits.”