FECORE Hydroponic Gardening

Growing your own food is not only beneficial, but now it’s essential.

Beneficial, because you can grow healthy vegetables for your family and friends, become independent from “Big Food” and their supply chain with questionable quality products. For all we know in the future only those who have been vaccinated can buy their food.
Growing in hydroponics provides you healthy, delicious and vitamin rich vegetables all year long, that boosts your health and immune system.

But why is it essential?

We have entered into a mini ice age!

The new Grand Solar Minimum called “Eddie minimum” was predicted for year 2050, but arrived sooner and will be even more rough than the “Maunder minimum” of 1650 – 1720.

According to records at the time, canals in the Netherlands froze, the glaciers of the Alps extended to lower-lying farmlands, and the winds of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) overturned.

What is a ‘solar minimum’?

Solar activity can be measured from the frequency of sunspots.

The 11-year solar cycles are fluctuations within a 400 year grand solar cycle. In the last  70 years the number of sunspots during oeak years has been decreasing.

We see that not only have the peak numbers decreased but the lower numbers are zero. From a December 16th 2019 article in SWLing an amateur radio operators website this excerpt is telling:

ONE WEEK FROM A SPACE AGE RECORD: 2019 is about to set a Space Age record. So far this year, the sun has been blank (no sunspots) for 261 days, including the last 24 days in a row. If the streak continues for only 7 more days, 2019 will break the Space Age record for spotless suns.

The previous record-holder is the year 2008, when the sun was blank for 268 out of 365 days, making the Solar Minimum of 2008-2009 the deepest of the Space Age. Next weekend, barring a sudden profusion of sunspots, 2019 will move into first place.


Minimum and maximum values of grand cycles can be linked to major influenza pandemics in world history (Hope-Simpson 1977)

The current pandemic also justifies this theory, we recommend this article to those who are interested in this context:



Grand Solar Minimum not only has health effects, but more importantly: HUNGER

Variable extreme weather conditions, such as early frosts destroy crops, makes harvesting impossible, and late spring frosts beat flowering fruit trees. In some parts of the world it causes floods, while in another parts of the world drought causes crop losses, destruction of livestock, that decimates the population.

An accurate picture of the extent and effects of this can be obtained from previous records, e.g. Thomas Jefferson’s diary.



FECORE has been working for years developing hydroponic methods for crop production, a possible solution to compensate for crop losses caused by extreme weather conditions.

This method can prevent hunger and depopulation, that has been predicted by many:

The population of the USA, England, and Ireland is expected to decrease 2/3 by the year 2025!

With this in mind hydroponics offers three important opportunities.

First you can grow much more food in a much smaller space. There is enough space underneath a double bed to grow via hydroponic means tomatoes to feed two people.
Secondly with artificial lighting and the insulation of an indoor location growing can be accomplished year round. You may say that many plants don’t grow well out of season. That is true. But how do they know the season? In October 1746 Dr. Mainbray of Edinburgh connected two myrtle trees to the electrical output of an electrostatic machine for the month. Both trees sent out new branches and buds as if it were spring. (The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg pg. 68 published March 2017)
This leads to the third opportunity of our research. With a small area of growing due to using hydroponics we can perform experiments to possibly supply our own man made electrical field to stimulate and maintain robust plant growth rates even in a solar minimum.


In these documents we provide information on hydroponic gardening, present aeroponic systems and methods to increase yields.

True independence and freedom can be achieved by self-sufficiency only.

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