FECORE, Inc has been granted its charity status as of September 2019. With that status I (Mike Cavanaugh) decided that a great overhaul in FECORE’s organizational structure was a inevitable necessity. Over the last few months there has been a lot of changes made mostly outside of the eyes of the public and our members. That is not because we are hiding it but in order to stay ahead we can not really reveal our intentions before the fact. FECORE has been successful in expanding its activities into several different avenues of research and development mostly in the engineering department outside of the US. With these new avenues of research and development we are in a far better financial position then ever before which will result in more elaborate testing and access to high end technology and instruments to further our research. We are currently still occupied with reforming FECORE into a real and solvent business to further benefit scientific and engineering research and development projects.

The following internal departments have been created to make us more efficient and spread the load of the work ahead amongst the entire group while each individual does what he wants and enjoys doing it.

First and foremost we created a media department. That has been the most lacking feature of our organization in that we collect a lot of data and we do a lot of research but the public but also our members miss most of that because we dont actuallty have a format to follow with regards to producing regular media updates that being in the form of videos, papers/blogs, or project summaries. This will change this year as we created a flexible and dynamic group of insiders and outsiders to get this of the ground in the shortest amount of time possible

Next we have a PR department responsible for communication with our members and the general public
A Marketing department is also a necessity for any business to maintain a steady flow of revenue to do our day to day business.
A IT department has also been setup.

We have also created a engineering department which sole responsibility is to engineer or design whatever is needed for a particular project. Also a Research and Development department is created which will of course work closely with the engineering department to produce results in the form of research and the development of projects.
And finally the Administration and Finance department which has the responsibility to make sure all our financial statements, our IRS form submissions and our written records are kept safe and up to date.

When all of this has been setup which i believe we will have ready before the end of February we will embark on a new road to successes. The 1st top priority we have is to complete a documentary about ALL the tests and experiments we have done over the past 2 years and after that a strict format will be followed for any further tests and projects so that everyone who want to be involved and updated can get that information on our web page, project page or our YouTube and Facebook pages.

I personally wanted to put this information out there so that it doesn’t look like we are stagnant and not progressing to anywhere, rest assured….we are not going anywhere and our efforts will only expand.

Mike Cavanaugh
Chairman of the Board