Expanding Our Efforts

From the start of FECORE we stated that our members and subscribers would be able to help accomplish the mission of FECORE. Through months of trial and effort we have found a way we think will expand the work.

We have decided to use an online project management tool called OpenProject to list the various projects and tasks FECORE is working on and invite all of you to participate. FECORE invites all subscribers and members to register as users on OpenProject by creating a new account here. 

You can also type in the link:   https://project.fecore.org

In the OpenProject site we will create the various projects, work packages and tasks required to complete the project. The administrator for the projects are selected by the FECORE president with input from the board of directors. The project administrator will then assign work packages to those who are willing and able to help. All the assignments and tracking of the work is maintained in the OpenProject system.

There is no cost in money, just your time and effort. Even if you think you don’t have time or skills you may know people that can be a great help. You may not be a welder or a machinist but you may know someone in your area who is. You may not be able to donate hardware to build a research apparatus but you may know someone who works for a company that is happy to donate to non profit research organization.

Some people have the time to devote but they certainly don’t always have the contacts they need accomplish all aspects of the project. That is where expanding the participation can be key.