What is a pandemic? We normally think of pandemic as a widespread disease which effects a large proportion of the population. That would be entry 2 of 2 in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

pandemic (noun)

Definition of pandemic (Entry 2 of 2)
: an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population : a pandemic outbreak of a disease

Every government which has declared a state of emergency on account of COVID-19 has declared there is a pandemic. Many people looking at the numbers of cases and deaths of disease in 2020 rightly point out that the deaths claimed can not rightly be construed as a large proportion of the population. This observation becomes even more strongly accurate when the facts regarding testing data prove that there is no actual test for the disease. The result is that governments are being called liars. What is interesting is that government actors are actually quite careful to avoid lying when possible by leaving a legal definition way out of the lie.

So it is with this so called “COVID-19 pandemic”. The first definition of pandemic is a more nebulous definition of an adjective as follows

pandemic (adjective)

Definition of pandemic (Entry 1 of 2)
: occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population

No mention is made of disease, death, virus or even health. It is merely something which is occurs over a large geographic area and effects a large proportion of the population. Pandemic, the adjective is a perfect definition of the actions taken by nearly every government world wide.

I have struggled for a month to write this newsletter because there are so many important facets to what is happening to all of us in the world at this moment. As I began trying to relate the scientific data which gives a history and understanding of viral disease theory the letter grew to over 30 pages. As I try to lay out the governmental and human rights aspects of this pandemic the letter again becomes so large that it becomes a pamphlet. The same thing happens if I simply try to include a “what can be done” letter.

What I have done in this newsletter is to publish a document which is a good example of what people can do to counter the pandemic created by government actions. It is a self executing document creating a contract between the sender and the government actors which holds them commercially liable both as actors in their government/corporate roles and as a man or woman in the jurisdiction of Lex Mercatoria or law Merchant. It contains an affidavit which states the government COVID-19 measures then states the tort (damages) their actions have caused and gives the scientific data which rebuts their claims of a disease (noun) pandemic. This process can be served upon any man or woman who has made an offer in commerce which creates a harm or tort in legal terms against anyone when there has not been full disclosure. “Lack of full disclosure” is a law term meaning a lie or deception. It can be understood as if someone tells you they are offering 100 fresh oranges for sale but in reality their shipment contained only 80, or worse 100 rotten oranges or 100 poison oranges. That is what  we are getting with these COVID-19 measures, something which damages our rights and all based upon false statements.

In performing the research for this document called a Notice of Liability present day research has been used along with actual data from the COVID-19 cases, data on face mask wearing effects and effectiveness, US case law precedence, state officials oaths of office and cause of death data for 2019 and 2020 from the US CDC.
The document has now been served on 4 government officers in Utah by at least 10 claimants. It is known that similar documents are being served in California and other US states. The process is adaptable with relatively minor modifications to any nation in the world. It is served without any lawyers or judges. But if served properly it should be able to be enforced by a court in the country or state.

It is lengthy but the science facts and government actions as well as the method of serving government actor should be of interest to many readers.

Since this a very controversial subject and normally FECORE Inc. deals with subjects of a purely scientific nature and this newsletter deals with issues of law and legal claims I Robert Scott publish these things as my personal opinion not as the opinion of FECORE Inc. I state that they are true to the best of my knowledge and accept all responsibility for them.