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A collective operation of field engineers researching earth

Dedication to Reality is Our Strength

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FECORE is an organization of individuals dedicated to accuracy, discovery and application in scientific research. FECORE is unique among research groups because we are independent of outside control. As individuals performing research we realized by forming this group and inviting you to participate we can greatly expand the scientific body of knowledge. We believe there are many discoveries to be made which have enormous potential to benefit everyone on earth.


Through our research we recognize that mainstream science is severely hampered by faulty assumptions. False assumptions create blinders to discovery. Because FECORE is not blinded by these assumptions we are capable of pursuing an accurate path to discovering what the data actually says. Accuracy is to make our theory match the data rather than making the data match our theory.



Discovery of hidden knowledge is like digging for buried treasure. Unless you are sure the treasure is there you will not invest your time and money to find it. From our own research FECORE knows that mainstream science doesn’t have all the answers. That is how we know there is a treasure of knowledge waiting for those willing to search outside the limiting assumptions of the past. As we establish an accurate body of knowledge, discovery of new truth will naturally follow.


As FECORE discovers deeper knowledge of how the earth system functions, there will naturally be many applications beneficial to society. Because we are dedicated to finding the truth we are also dedicated to finding how this truth can benefit everyone. That is why our research will also be in proving and building systems to apply the newly discovered knowledge. At the time you are reading this FECORE is already involved in proving a new method of crop enhancement. Our projects will span a wide area of discovery and application.

Working Together

A Unique Group

FECORE is unique as an independent research group which does not rely primarily on corporate or government funding. This gives us the freedom to pursue the facts where ever they lead. This is vital to the true scientific method. It is also vital to accuracy, discovery and application. If we were funded by the oil industry and found a fuel source to replace oil, our research would be sealed by our employer.

But by far our most unique facet is our relationship with you. We were able to form FECORE because we know there are millions of people who want the truth, who have awoken to the same realization we have—that mainstream science is stuck. Instead of hiring scientists to solve the contradictions in their theories they hire actors to convince us that there are no contradictions.

Before we formed FECORE we each wished for some way to contribute to find the facts. Unlike the science exploration of the past our research will be funded by individuals who want the truth released to the public. This research will never be funded by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. It will come from you and tens of thousands like you. Our motivation is the same as yours. We offer you an opportunity to contribute to research that will make a difference, that will change the status quo.

Join us. Let your desire for truth be your motivation to contribute to the revitalization of true science.

Your Team

Meet Our Staff

FE Core is a tax exempt non profit organization under the U. S. Code 501(c) (3) Internal Revenue Service regulations with a three member Executive group consisting of Mike Cavanaugh — Chairman, William Genske— President, Robert Scott—Treasurer and Karen B. Endecott—Secretary.

Other board members include Rick Hummer, Bob Knodel, Sandor Szekely and Steve Torrence.

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